Monday, October 8, 2007

Episode 2: Intro To Motorcycle Roadracing

Kelly doubles his episode output with Episode 2. In this episode, he discusses his top 10 reasons to get off the street and onto the track, a variety of race schools available to you and the main difference between a track day and a full out race weekend.

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Alexey said...

Good stuff! I'm a CCS racer, currently residing in upstate NY. Been racing off and on since 2000. I really like your idea for the podcast. I've been giving people advice online and in person and my wife says I should start compiling all that stuff into something that could be published. But this podcast format is excellent, though I don't think I'd ever have the perseverance to stick with it.

PS: I only got out to race once this year due to finances, but it was pretty funny listening to you mention your non-working steering damper. I had the exact same problem. What a bummer that was to have to back off on the straightaway and watch people go by after not racing for 8 months.